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Walking Belts

  • Soft, strong nylon padded belt worn around the waist that is adjustable for individual user requirements
  • Promotes walking as therapy, whilst providing comfort and security
  • Four padded handholds allow variation for position of carers
  • Optional rubber backing on nylon material to prevent slipping
  • Available in Extra Small (fits waist 50 –75cm), Small (fits waist 65 –90cm), Medium (fits waist 80 –110cm), Large (fits waist 100 –130cm), and Extra Large (fits waist 125 –155cm)
  • Max User Weight – 150kg
  • Belt with Velcro Closure - K40611XS, K40611S, K40611M, K40611L, K40611XL
  • Belt with Velcro/Rubber Back - K40651XS, K40651S, K40651M, K40651L, K40651XL
  • Belt with 2-way Side Release Buckle - K40711XS, K40711S, K40711M, K40711L, K40711XL
  • Belt with 2-way Side Release/Rubber Back - K40751XS, K40751S, K40751M, K40751L, K40751XL
  • Belt with 1-way Side Release Buckle - K40811XS, K40811S, K40811M, K40811L, K40811XL
  • Belt with 1-way Side Release/Rubber Back - K40851XS, K40851S, K40851M, K40851L, K40851XL
  • Belt with Cam Lock Buckle, -K41111XS, K41111S, K41111M, K41111L, K41111XL
  • Belt with Cam Lock/Rubber Back - K41151XS, K41151S, K41151M, K41151L, K41151XL
Walking Belts

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K0151, K0152 - Slip Grip

  • One-way sliding tube designed to slip easily in one direction while locking in place in the other direction
  • Allows a patient to be moved up in the chair or bed without fear of slipping back down
  • K0151 - 45cm x 45cm
  • K0152 - 60cm x 75cm
Slip Grip

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