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T3531 - Invisabeam Bed Monitor

  • A bed monitor that catches the patient before they fall
  • Continuously monitors the periphery of the bed with its precise invisible beam
  • Alerts staff/carer immediately when a beam is interrupted by the “at risk” personattempting to leave their bed
  • Meets international standards
  • Safe to use with low voltage and minimal maintenance
  • Interlocking function switch for added security
  • Transferable to other bedsSave Nursing Time
  • Less time spent checking the resident/patient
  • Alerts the staff/carer immediatelySafe to the Resident
  • No restraint - an “invisible” bed rail
  • Allows the resident/patient complete freedom of movement within the bed
  • No visible lights to disturb
  • Non-harmful and non-invasive
  • No hygiene problemsSimple to install1. Clamp bed monitor to the bedhead2. Plug into the power3. Align the sensor beam4. Connect to the “nurse-call” system
Invisabeam Bed Monitor

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T8350 - Posey Keepsafe Fall Prevention Monitor

  • Lightweight, compact fall monitor that works with a variety of pressure sensors on a bed or chair
  • A recessed ON/OFF switch deters tampering
  • Five alarm tones helps differentiate between patients and other alarms
  • Has a sound-dampening plug to adjust alarm tone
  • Requires a 9v battery
Posey Keepsafe Fall Prevention Monitor

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