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H908 - Peanut Pillow

  • Contoured pillow supports the neck insleeping or sitting positions
  • Lightweight polyester fibrefill
  • Poly/cotton cover
  • Width - 300mm
  • Depth - 120mm
Peanut Pillow

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H910 - Naturelle Pillow

  • Pure latex that has been harvested from asustainable and renewable resource
  • Will not sag or lose its shape, and is gentlycontoured for user comfort
  • Open-cell construction incorporatinghundreds of tiny cores allowing pillow to‘breathe’
  • Hygenically anti-bacterial, mould & dustfree
  • Pure cotton jersey cover
  • Fits a standard 48cm x 73cm pillowcase
  • H910 - Low 600 x 390mm x 105mm
  • H911 - Medium 600 x 390mm x 120mm
  • H912 - High 600 x 390mm x 145mm
Naturelle Pillow

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H930 - Complete Sleeprrr Adjustable

  • One size suits all
  • Removable foam inserts give as manyas 12 simple adjustment options to giveoptimum comfort for the individual
  • ‘Noodles’ of foam in surface channelsallow you to adjust pillow softness
  • Luxury-grade mushroom-shaped surfacediffuses and cushions, allowing norebounding effect
  • Comes with a ‘breathable’ open-weavecover that fits a standard pillowcase
  • H930 - Deluxe 52cm (width) 38cm (length), 13cm & 10.5cm (depth)
  • H931 - Memory 57cm (width), 38cm (length), 13cm & 10.5cm (depth)
Complete Sleeprrr Adjustable

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H940 - Family Pillow

  • Super-soft eggfoam surface designed todefuse pressure on the head and neck
  • Gently contoured and guaranteed to holdits supportive characteristics
  • Heavy-density foam base cushions andabsorbs movement, allowing no rebound
  • Helps prevent back and neck problems,and encourages better posture by aligningthe spine during sleep
  • Encourages side sleeping
  • Available in medium, low or junior
  • H940 - Deluxe 55cm (width) 38cm (length), 13cm & 12cm (depth)
  • H940 - Deluxe 55cm (width) 38cm (length), 11cm & 10cm (depth)
  • H940 - Deluxe 55cm (width) 38cm (length), 9cm & 8cm (depth)
Family Pillow

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H950 - Bed Wedge

  • An angled foam cushion provides comfortand support to the upper body
  • Ideal for those who suffer from respiratoryand reflux problems
  • Removable quilted cotton cover
  • Wedge can be turned to provide twodifferent recline angles (150 or 750)
  • Foam wedge insert can be removed toalter the angle by approx. 50
  • Optional cotton overslip available(Code: H950C)
  • Width - 680mm
  • Length - 710mm
  • Height - 60-250mm
Bed Wedge

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H952 - Boomerang Pillow

  • Large pillow provides comfort and supportto the neck, back and shoulder region
  • 1 metre wide x 700mm high
  • Boomerang PVC pillowcase protector alsoavailable (Code: R293)
Boomerang Pillow

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