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H960 - Polymer Commode Ring

  • Quality polymer gel
  • Helps promotes even pressure distribution
  • Polymer gel, unlike fluid gel, does notdisplace from areas requiring pressurerelief
  • Isolates and protects areas where shearforces and pressure points are prevalent
  • Polymer provides significant shock andimpact absorption
  • Pad does not promote bacterial growth,making it ideal for multi-client use
  • Pad is sealed by a waterproof film
  • Large model now supplied as open front toassist personal cleaning (not shown)
  • Max User Weight - Unlimited
  • 1. H960S - Small 40 x 40cm, 1.6cm high
  • 2. H960L - Large 46 x 46cm, 2.5cm high
Polymer Commode Ring

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H965 - Silicone Fibre Commode Ring

  • Silicone coated fibre filled cushion
  • Manufactured from cylindrical hollowcore fibres for greater comfort and shearreduction
  • Water resistant PVC cover
  • Adjustable Velcro securing straps
  • Width - 430mm
  • Depth - 420mm
  • Max User Weight - 100kg
Silicone Fibre Commode Ring

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