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R700 - Confident Care Adult Pre-Moist Wipes

  • More sanitary than reusable wash cloths
  • Made from super soft spunlace fabric for gentle and effective cleansing
  • Impregnated with a gentle no-rinse cleansing formula which is pleasantly scented and alcohol free
  • pH balanced and hypoallergenic to soothe sensitive delicate skin
  • Contains Aloe Vera to help condition the skin
  • Supplied in an easy-open, re-useable dispenser
  • Generously-sized cloths measure 23 x 33cm
  • Each pack contains 50 wipes
Confident Care Adult Pre-Moist Wipes

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R720 - Oral Swabs

  • Swab has a soft foam head with perpendicular ridges to lift debris and mucous, clean between teeth and stimulate oral tissue
  • Mimmicks the mechanical actions of a toothbrush without injuring fragile tissue and sensitive mucosa
  • Available untreated or impregnated with sodium bicarbonate to mechanically and chemically break up thick ropey saliva and deoderise the mouth
  • Sold in packs of 20 or 200
  • R720 - Disposable oral swab with Sodium Bicarbonate
  • R725 - Disposable untreated oral swab
Oral Swabs

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RHS103 - Incontinence Wipes

  • 5-in-1 cleansing product that is perfect for fast, effective cleaning
  • Moisturises the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and smooth
  • Deodorises by neutralising the odours that are left on the skin
  • A moisture barrier protects the skin from unwanted moisture such as urine; protecting the skin and keeping it from irritation and discomfort
  • Low foaming and rinse free
  • 25 wipes per pack
  • 12 packs per carton
Incontinence Wipes

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RHS104 - Hair Shampoo Cap

  • Cap contains a shampoo and conditioner which cleans and softens the hair
  • Gives a soothing, waterless, rinse-free hairwash that cleanses and untangles the hair
  • Ideal for those with dementia or unable to tolerate showers or rinse basins
  • Effectively removes EEG gel, blood, iodine and more
  • Replaces the R710 in the Acacia catalogue
Hair Shampoo Cap

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RHS301 - Super Soft Patient Wipes

  • High quality large wipe that is an effective 'flannel' replacement
  • Strong, soft, thick and absorbent
  • Low linting
  • Strong enough to be used more than once
  • Disposable
  • Chemical and frangrance free
  • 50 wipes per pack
  • 18 packs per carton
Super Soft Patient Wipes

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RHS303 - Everyday Wipes

  • High quality, non woven cloth that replaces the use of a washer or flannel
  • Ultra soft, strong and highly absorbent
  • Chemical & fragrance free
  • Low linting
  • Multi-purpose use - can be used on skin or surfaces
  • 100 wipes per pack
  • 18 packs per carton
Everyday Wipes

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