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Molicare Mobile Pull-Ups

  • Pull-ups look like an ordinary pair of pants, and are just as easy to put on
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Tear-open side seams make it possible to change them quickly and hygienically
  • Made with a textile non-woven outer material and breathable elastic waistband to make them more comfortable and gentle to the skin
  • Soft, water-repellent anti-leak cuffs provide additional leakage protection at the sidces
  • The anatomical design and the elastic leg gathers all around the legs ensuring a snug fit to the body contours
  • The super-absorbent rectangular core, with the Dry Plus fluid distribution layer for extremely rapid fluid absorption and the reinforced crutch area ensures fluid is held safely inside
  • Code - Size, Absorption Capacity, Per Pack, Box Colour
  • R915805 - X-Small, 1300ml, 20, Blue
  • R915240 - Small, 1300ml, 20, Blue
  • R915123 - Medium, 1550ml, 14, Blue
  • R915127 - Large, 1700ml, 14, Blue
  • R915804 - X-large, 2000ml, 14, Blue
  • R915821 - Super S, 1660ml, 14, Purple
  • R915324 - Super M, 1940ml, 14, Purple
  • R915325 - Super L, 2200ml, 14, Purple
Molicare Mobile Pull-Ups

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R1505A - Sure Care Slip-On

  • Pull-ups look like an ordinary pair of pants, and are just as easy to put on
  • Tear-open side seams make it possible to change them quickly and hygienically
  • One-piece design with no buttons or tapes, and no definite front or back
  • Quiet cloth-like outer cover protects against leaks to keep clothing and bedding dry
  • The one-piece elastic waistband combines easy slip-on convenience with a snug comfortable fit
  • Unique dryness layer quickly pulls moisture away from the skin and into the channelled inner layer, where wetness is locked away, keeping the skin dry and protected
  • One size fits all
Sure Care Slip-On

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R168705 - Molimed for Men

  • Designed for men with mild bladder weakness
  • V shaped form gives an excellent fit for males
  • Breathable textile back sheet ensures greater comfort
  • Anti-leak and absorbant core structure ensures discretion and optimum leakage protection
  • Provides comfort, confidence and a sense of security for the active man
  • 300ml capacity
  • One size fits all
  • 14 pads per pack
Molimed for Men

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R169185 - Molicare Super Plus

  • Enhanced rapid absorption attributes which help patient morale
  • Ideal for patients with very severe urinary and faecal incontinence
  • Reliable design from medical experts
  • Contoured for comfort
  • All in one convenience
  • Code - Size, Waist/Hip, Total Capacity, Per Pack
  • R169185 - No. 1 Small, 50 - 80cm, 2445ml, 14
  • R169670 - No. 2 Medium, 70 - 120cm, 3750ml, 14
  • R169870 - No. 3 Large, 100 - 150cm, 4700ml, 14
Molicare Super Plus

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R947711 - Molipants Comfort

  • Elasticised net pants that are designed for holding incontinence pads in place
  • Made with a close mesh structure and an interwoven colour strip for size identification
  • Suitable for the bedfast and the ambulant person
  • Their high elasticity makes it easy to change incontinence pads and position them correctly
  • Economical, and can be washed many times
  • Code - Size, Waist/Hip, Colour Strip, Per Pack
  • R947711 - Small, 40/80cm, Yellow, 25
  • R947712 - Medium, 60/100cm, Blue, 25
  • R947713 - Large, 80/120cm, Brown, 25
  • R947714 - X-Large, 100/160cm, Green, 25
Molipants Comfort

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RHS103 - Incontinence Wipes

  • 5-in-1 cleansing product that is perfect for fast, effective cleaning
  • Moisturises the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and smooth
  • Deodorises by neutralising the odours that are left on the skin
  • A moisture barrier protects the skin from unwanted moisture such as urine; protecting the skin and keeping it from irritation and discomfort
  • Low foaming and rinse free
  • 25 wipes per pack
  • 12 packs per carton
Incontinence Wipes

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