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M110 - Liberty Nebuliser

  • Fast, effective and silent
  • Nebulises 0.42ml/min (1ml in 2 ½ minutes)
  • Modern design and compact size
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Pneumatic circuit and accessories manufactured from biocompatible and anallergic materials
  • Comes complete with tubing and mask
Liberty Nebuliser

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MOXI-S - Finger Oximeter

  • Oxi Smarter 1 can check patient's heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels easily and quickly
  • Convenient for spot check readings
  • Suitable for clinic and home use
  • Large Sp02 waveform
  • Automatic power off after removing finger in 8 seconds
  • Lightweight (50g with batteries)
  • Monitors Sp02 between 70-100%
  • Monitors Pulse Rate from 30-235bpm
Finger Oximeter

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