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Knives and Forks

  • This comprehensive range allows over 400 individual cutlery items to be made from 32 modular items. These completely integrated utensils are hygienic, non-corroding and dishwasher safe. Each utensil is mounted with a plastic spigot that is pushed to fit tightly into the chosen handle.
  • 1 L5520 Knife 112mm 16g
  • 2 L5533 Large Rocker Knife 74mm 40g
  • 3 L5530 Angled Knife 52mm 26g
  • 4 L5529 Small Rocker Knife 35mm 14g
  • 5 L5521 Fork 104mm 18g
  • 6 L5531R Angled Fork Right 88mm 16g
  • 7 L5531L Angled Fork Left 88mm 16g
  • 8 L5527 Splayd 102mm 18g
  • 9 L5528 Nelson Knife 110mm 26g
  • 10 L5534 Angle Adaptor
  • 62mm 8g
Knives and Forks

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  • 1 L5526 Sipping Spoon 98mm 26g
  • 2 L5522 Standard Spoon 105mm 26g
  • 3 L5523 Junior Spoon 89mm 20g
  • 4 L5532L Angled Spoon Left 80mm 22g
  • 5 L5532R Angled Spoon Right 80mm 22g
  • 6 L5524 Teaspoon 84mm 16g
  • 7 L5518 Soft Coated Spoon
  • 105mm 30g

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Handles and Vari-grip built-up sleeves

    numbers 3, 4 & 5 are contoured PVC sleeves that fit onto Slim Handle 7
  • 1 L5536 Standard Handle 110mm 30g
  • 2 L5535 Contoured Handle 120mm 62g
  • 3 L5546 Small Grip 110mm 20g
  • 4 L5547 Large Grip 110mm 50g
  • 5 L5545 Oval Grip 100mm 24g
  • 6 L5540 2 Ended Handle with Strap 110mm 36g aperture in both ends allow two utensils to be used on the same handle. Supplied with a transparent elastic polyurethane strap, with adjusting holes and fixing spigot.
  • 7 L5543 Slim Handle 115mm 20g Has an oval cross section also used for the core of the vari-grip sleeves (see items 3,4, & 5)
  • 8 L5544 Mushroom Handle 40mm 42g Round knob type handle which is easy to grip for those with weak or painful joints
  • 9 L5542 Custom Made Handle N/A 75g Handle is customised by means of a metal inner core and modelling material to create a unique individual shape.
  • 10 L5538 Slim Lightweight Handle 110mm 8g Made from sculptured closed cell foam for those unable to use standard weight handles
  • 11 L5537 Lightweight (L/W) Handle 118mm 14g Similar to L5538 but wider in diameter
  • 12 L5541 L/W 2 Ended Handle with Strap 118mm 12g Similar to L5540 but the handle is made of sculptured closed cell foam
  • 13 L5539 Heavyweight Handle 110mm 145g Similar to L5536 but has the hollow core filled with a non-toxic metal bar to create a heavier handle for those with a tremor or unsteady hands
Handles and Vari-grip built-up sleeves

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