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    is a unique non-slip material that solves many of the stabilisation and gripping problems encountered by those with limited dexterity, restricted mobility and reduced wrist or upper limb strength. Dycem products, which grip on both sides, are not sticky, but grip to dry slippery surfaces without the use of an adhesive. The product range consists of mats and material on a reel that can easily be cut to size. The anchor mats are moulded while the Grippimats which are cut from reels are thinner and more flexible.
    All Dycem products are latex free and washable in warm soapy water.
    Anchorpads are round or rectangular and available in red, blue, green or yellow
  • L6812 Dycem Anchor Mat 190mm diameter
  • L6814 Dycem Anchor Mat Blue 250mm x 180mm
  • L6816 Dycem Anchor Mat Blue 350mm x 250mm
  • L6820 Dycem Grippimats, pack of 3, 190mm diameter
  • L6824 Dycem Tray Mat 375mm x 275mm
  • L6830 Dycem Reel Blue 2m x 200mm
  • L6834 Dycem Reel White 9m x 200mm
  • L6840 Dycem Reel Red 2m x 400mm
  • L6844 Dycem Reel White 9m x 400mm

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    d cell foam tubing, available in various sizes to provide a built up handle for easier gripping. It is non absorbent, non-sticky, washable and dishwasher safe. Supplied in 1 metre lengths, it is able to be cut to size. Ideal for pens, pencils, cutlery, tools etc. White or grey in colour.
  • L6100 - Plastazote 6mm (inside diameter) 19mm (outside diameter),
  • L6104 - Plastazote 6mm ID 31mm OD White 30g
  • L6106 - Plastazote 9mm ID 31mm OD White 60g
  • L6108 - Plastazote 12mm ID 31mm OD 65g

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Easigrip Scissors

    range of scissors is designed for one-handed use and is ideal for arthritics or those with limited wrist movement. Stainless steel blades are set into plastic handles that are joined in a loop. Handle springs open again after cutting for easier grip and use.Supplied with a wall-mountable safety holder
  • 1 L6710 Easigrip Scissors 200mm(Length) 32mm (Blade length) Rounded (Blade Type) 30g
  • 2 L6714 Easigrip Scissors 200mm 32mm Pointed 30g
  • 3 L6716 Easigrip Scissors 230mm 51mm Pointed 45g
  • 4 L6766 Easigrip Chiropodist Scissors 210mm 30mm Pointed 45g These surgical steel scissors have strong serrated cutting blades and elongated handles with finger holes, to cut through even the toughest of nails. Blades are angled upward.
Easigrip Scissors

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L6200 - Tapturn Turners

  • Provides leverage in turning cross handle taps
  • Hooks over existing taps
  • Strong moulded plastic
  • Supplied as red and blue (pair) for hot andcold taps
  • Length - 140mm
  • Weight - 65g
Tapturn Turners

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L6210 - Crystal Tap Turner

  • Ingenious device clamps around the top of the cylindrical tap tops
  • Barrel of handle is spring loaded to allowthe jaws to clamp down on the tap
  • Tap is gripped by soft non-slip rubber linings in the jaws
  • Jaws can be locked into position
  • Handle is comfortable and easy to grip
  • For use with taps up to 60mm in diameter
  • Closed Length - 190mm
  • Weight - 112g
Crystal Tap Turner

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L6240 - Key Turner

  • Built-up handle provides better grip and leverage for turning keys
  • Key is held by a screw fitted through the hole in the key
  • Key can be folded down into handle when not in use
  • Double key turner has provision for two separate keys that are positioned separately
  • Durable nylon moulded construction
  • L6240 - Single Key, 105mm, 40g
  • L6242 - Double Key, 125mm, 70g
Key Turner

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L6900 - Long Handled Dust Pan & Brush

  • Plastic dustpan and soft bristled brush
  • Long plastic stem and handle avoids unnecessary bending while sweeping
  • Brush handle conveniently clips onto pan stem for easy storage
  • Features a flat base and shaped lip for efficient dust collection
  • Length - 970mm
  • Weight - 550g
Long Handled Dust Pan & Brush

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L7110 - Needle Threader

  • Assists user in threading needles
  • Ideal for people with poor eyesight or unsteady hands
  • Needle is placed in the special duct and thread is laid in the groove. The lever is then pushed and needle is threaded
  • Can be used for multiple strands
  • Each end accommodates a different size needle
  • Needles included
  • Weight 40g
Needle Threader

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L7200 - Pen and Pencil Holder

  • Assists the grip and control of writing
  • Soft flexible PVC
  • Supplied as a pack of three
  • Internal Diameter - 8mm
  • Weight - 22g
Pen and Pencil Holder

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L7246 - Magnifying Viewer with Neck Cord

  • Plastic magnifier allows the user to magnify items without using hands
  • Hangs from neck cord and positions against body
  • Ideal for craftwork, reading etc
  • High central magnification area
  • Lens Diameter - 100mm
  • Weight - 186g
Magnifying Viewer with Neck Cord

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L7250 - Sheet Magnifier

  • Flexible plastic sheet magnifies large areas of print
  • Lightweight and inexpensive
  • Magnification x 2
  • Length - 260mm
  • Width - 180mm
  • Weight - 85g
Sheet Magnifier

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L9930 - Tablet Splitter

  • A blade within a holder allows uncoated tablets to be divided in two. Tablets can be stored in front tray.
  • Weight 38g
Tablet Splitter

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