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Irrigation Fluids

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C946B - Optrex Eye Wash

  • A moisture replenishing liquid formula that is balanced at the natural pH level of tears
  • Will gently bathe, rehydrate and soothe tired or uncomfortable eyes
  • Comes in a 110mL bottle
Optrex Eye Wash

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CAW1000 - Saline Solution

  • A saline solution for cleanings wounds or cuts
  • Made up of strictly 0.9% sodium chloride
  • No additional supplements
  • Labelled with clear instructions on how it should be used
  • 15mL vials designed for single use
  • CAW1000 - Saline Solution (Carton 500)
  • CAW1060 - Saline Solution (Carton 60)
Saline Solution

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CAWDS01 - Eye Wash Station

  • A package consisting of two 500mL saline bottles, eyewash applicators and a mirror
  • Mounts onto the wall (fixtures included)
  • Drop-down cover for protecting contents
  • CAWDS01 - Eye Wash Station
  • CAWDREF - 500ml Eye Wash Refill
Eye Wash Station

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